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Tree Surgery

At Tally-Ho Landscapes we have years of experience of tree surgery, with hundreds of completed projects across London. Trees can make incredible features in both private gardens and commercial properties – but they can also cause a host of issues if not maintained and managed properly. Our team specialise in the following activities:

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and stump removal follows tree felling and is the full removal of the tree and roots. When you have the tree stump removed you can use the ground as normal for future projects – stump grinding takes place below the surface level and ensures the tree will not grow back or cause any issues with planting in the same location.

Tree Felling

Felling simply means removal, which is often required where you simply don’t want a tree anymore, or you need to fully remove the tree due to disease or damage. This is an expert job and should not be attempted without prior experience, especially for established trees which can have large root structures and can cause damage to the surrounding environment during removal.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a specialist technique that should be done by a professional – although it can be tempting to attempt to chop branches yourself! Thinning helps to maintain a health and thriving tree – by removing heavy branch congestion – allowing more light and better resistance to strong winds weather conditions.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is a way of increasing the clear space below the foliage of a tree – this might be done as the tree is becoming ‘top heavy’ or if you want to allow more light to the bottom foliage. It can also be used at commercial premises where the tree is blocking a path, walkway or parking area and involves the removal and trimming of branches.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is essentially shaping your tree branches and foliage where we prune the tree to your desired scale and shape. It will reduce the overall size of the tree which is essential if you are trying to get more light to your premise and this should be done by a professional to ensure cuts and trims take place at the right part of the tree to ensure it remains healthy.


Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the careful removal of any tree limbs or branches that have died as a result of damage or age – this is very common especially in windy or high-traffic areas. It is to dead wood trees to ensure you maintain the health of the tree and to ensure the surrounding areas remains safe.

Hedge Trimming

Most people like to take this on themselves – it can be quite relaxing! But sometimes, it’ a large project and you may need some support and advice. Our trimming services look at a range of variables to ensure the right shape is achieved for the type of foliage, the plants age, location and access to light. This means no more brown patches or holes and the hedge thrive for years to come.

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